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Expert in project management, fibre network engineering, structural cabling, wireless engineering,
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About Us

Founded by team of experience engineering team, FTK family currently consist of expert from various fields such as project management, fibre network engineering team, structural cabling, wireless engineering team, IP network engineering team, site solution team, documentation team, etc.

All project managers and engineers

were involved in different companies and different projects globally.



Project Management

  • FTK implement 5 traditional phase of approach in delivery which are initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and completion.
  • Scope, time, quality and budget always under project management consideration which eventually FTK manage to delivered all projects by fully utilizing the above methodologies.

Structure Cabling Engineering

  • Experience in fibre network design, testing & implementation
  • Fibre knowledgeable with optical loss and budget calculation, ODF, level of split and other fibre design and test experience.
  • FTK is having our own test gear such as OTDR, OLTS, fibre inspection tools and others together with splicing machine to support our daily work.

Wireless Engineering

  • Start from GSM network until LTE network, engineers are well experience in delivering according to the network evolvement.
  • Involved in frequency scanning, path calculation, antenna installation, BBU and microwave installation & commissioning.
  • Delivered for In-building coverage (IBC).

IP Network Engineering

  • Internet Protocol network knowledgeable with OSI layer 1 to layer 7.
  • Experienced in installing, commissioning and troubleshooting core, router, switch, RNC, OLT, MxU, DWDM, PTN and other IP networking equipment.
  • Involved in first level regional maintenance.

Site Construction Engineering

  • CME Site work construction such as installing cabin, cabinet, earth grounding, pole, cable ladder, cable pulling for building, power cable laying, MDF/DDF termination and etc.

Product Solution, Marketing Reseller

  • Aside to engineering services, FTK also supply tools, test gear, material to different customer based on customer requirement.
  • FTK is fully committed to telecommunication plan reseller as FTK currently is an authorized agent for service provider in promoting their business plan

If you have any ICT requirement for business,

We are always there to assist you.

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